Rubber and tires

UNTHA shredding systems generate uniform granulate from the toughest rubber and scrap tire applications. Regardless of whether you use the material for pyrolysis, hydrolysis, or combustion, we will customize a shredder to fit your needs.

Regardless of whether rubber accumulates in the form of tires, conveyor belts, rubberized chains or as production waste – recycling is economically efficient and makes sense from an environmental perspective. Very powerful shredders are required to recover recyclable materials from rubber waste and old tires. Our well-proven and reliable 4-shaft technology is particularly suited in this regard. This system very economically performs the pre- and re-shredding in just one step.

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The number of used tires grows every year. These can be recycled to recover materials or produce energy. Thanks to our sturdy rotary shears, we are able to offer efficient shredders for the processing of your old tires.

A shedder must be more powerful with increasing tire size. We offer very powerful and sturdy two-shaft or four-shaft rotary shear systems for shredding your old agricultural tires.

Production waste, defective batches, and sprues are usually milled after having been pre-shredded. We offer shredding systems that are customized to your application for reliably pre-shredding rubber materials.

Hoses with fabric lining or production rejects are separated into their original materials through shredding with subsequent sorting. This process provides the foundation for efficient recycling. Our shredders are indispensable for economically processing your production waste.

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