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Regardless of whether you need maintenance or repair, you can trust in the specialized expertise of our certified technicians with any of our customized service or repair packages. We make sure your shredder operates reliably.

Our business hours are:

Mon. - Thu. 07:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (noon) and 01:00 p.m. - 05:00 p.m.

Fri.07:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (noon)


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We offer the following

If your shredding machines no longer provide the required throughput performance, our technicians will quickly and reliably find the cause. Based on the diagnostics, we will discuss with you specific approaches and measures to solve the respective problem.

Your advantages:

  • Prevention of serious damage to the machine
  • Assessment using cutting-edge diagnostic instruments
  • Remote diagnostics via GSM model for a quick troubleshooting 

To save costs and ensure that the shredder has an optimal and profitable service life, regular preventative maintenance should be performed by specialized certified technicians. This is how operators are able to ensure that their shredding machines or shredding systems are always available.

Your advantages:

  • UNTHA quality maintenance for maximum return due to the high availability of the machine
  • Regular UNTHA-provided quality maintenance ensures the machine's efficiency
  • Significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs
  • Modular UNTHA quality maintenance agreements are available

If your old cutting unit no longer provides the required throughput performance, but you would like to save costs on a new cutting unit, we offer two options for professional cutting and reconditioning/reprocessing with an optimal cost/performance ratio.

Your advantages:

  • Cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new cutting unit
  • Increased service life and productivity of used cutting units
  • Optimization of worn out cutting units



If you really do need a repair at some point – our top quality service employees will ensure that your shredder is quickly and reliably repaired or fully overhauled either on-site or in UNTHA's own service centre.

Your advantages:

  • Quick response time and competent help in emergencies
  • Free service hotline
  • Top quality and experienced service personnel
  • General overhaul on-site or in the UNTHA service centre

By using UNTHA replacement and wearing parts you maintain the efficiency of your shredding machines. Shredding machines are often exposed to extremely high loads when shredding. Having excellent machine parts in these conditions is of utmost importance. Using original machine parts reduces maintenance costs and downtimes.

As the saying goes, "Buy cheap and you will end up overpaying." People who have a long-term and sustainability perspective thus opt for UNTHA replacement and wearing parts. Quality is and continues to be the most efficient way to save on costs.

Your advantages:

  • We can provide replacement parts within two working days 1) thanks to our modern logistics concept
  • Original UNTHA replacement parts for maximum availability of your machines and systems
  • Comprehensive replacement parts inventory with more than 10,000 items
  • All original UNTHA replacement parts are "Made in Austria"

1) Applies to all items in stock