Hazardous waste drums

Safely disposing of hazardous waste is a serious business. At every step, from transport, to storage and ultimately destruction, precautions must be taken to make sure that both people and the environment are protected and that all regulations are met. Whether the waste is to be incinerated or otherwise processed, reliable equipment is required so that the job gets done in a safe and effective manner. At UNTHA, reliability is a cornerstone of our business, as we have been producing sturdy, reliable shredders for more than four decades.

Our heavy-duty, four-shaft shredders can easily handle full-size drums or IBCs filled with various types of hazardous waste. Among the materials an UNTHA shredder can process are metal and plastic drums or IBCs either empty or filled with hazardous material, bulk waste, dry solid waste, solids and liquids, paints, aerosols and sludges, medical waste, and bio-waste.

Several key features combine to make our industrial shredders perfect for processing hazardous materials. Our four-shaft shredders operate with low speed and high torque. This means less noise, less dust, and less vibration, which makes the machines more durable and allows them to shred through tough materials. They are service-friendly and require little maintenance. UNTHA’s compact design allows them to take up a smaller footprint compared to other makes. Available options include explosion proof motors and controls, fire detection and suppression, explosion vents and more.

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Recommended hazardous waste shredders


RS150 heavy duty industrial shredder  | UNTHA
Power: 180 - 312 kW | 240 - 420 hp
Cutting chamber width: 1,500 mm | 59 in


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power: 44 - 150 kW | 59 - 201 hp
Cutting chamber width: up to 1,500 mm | 59 in