What do you need to shred?

Optimum throughputs, minimal whole life running costs and maximum profitability, are just some of the priorities we’ve engineered into this flexible, efficient and high-performance XR waste shredder.

  • Power: From 1 x 87 hp – 2 x 177 hp
  • Rotor length: From 6’6 – 9’10

Widely renowned as the world’s most versatile four shaft shredder for a range of recycling and volume reduction applications, the modular RS boasts configurable torques, cutting chambers, cutting systems, screens, seals, rotor speeds and more.

  • Power: From 2 x 9 hp – 4 x 105 hp
  • Charging hole: From 18 x 22 in – 59 x 49 in

The next generation of high performance, single shaft shredding technology with simplicity at its heart, this innovative machine promises minimal effort for maximum results.

  • Power: From 72 hp – 177 hp
  • Rotor length: 55 in – 66 in

Neat, multi-purpose dual-shaft shredding that achieves 90% volume reduction with ease.

  • Power: 12 hp
  • Cutter width: 17 x 15 in

A powerful yet compact wood pallet shredder purposefully designed to produce homogenous wood chips for fuel, natural mulch or to increase compaction rates in your dumpster.

  • Power: 24hp
  • Rotor length: 52”

The workhorse of wood shredding for clients handling up to 425ft³, this high-performance shredder contains the world-renowned UNTHA LR Technology Package for maximum results.

  • Power: From 2 x 24 hp - 2 x 29 hp
  • Rotor width: 11 inches