UNTHA wood shredders support circular economy

Kuchl, Mar 23, 2015

In the timber and wood processing industry, the concept of a circular economy including recycling has been an established part of the production process for a very long time. Wood waste is an important secondary commodity – it can be easily utilized as an energy resource as well as a material.

Joinery and carpentry company Alfred Feuerstein GmbH & Co KG in Bludenz is one of the few companies in Vorarlberg that provides a complete range of services from window and door construction to kitchen cabinetry and furniture making. The company provides individualized and customized solutions, but so much service and creativity naturally also creates a lot of waste. The disposal of solid wood, particle boards, veneer, medium-density fibreboard, pallets and hard-wood components requires machine-based solutions that are both economical and environmentally friendly. According to the recommendation by Hopfner Maschinen GmbH, which is specialized in commissioning and servicing wood processing machines, only a wood shredding solution from UNTHA shredding technology would be able to meet the challenge.

Application Profile

Shreds hard wood / soft wood / particle boards / MDF

Dimensions (length x width x height): ≤500 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm

Moisture content: ≤15%

Feeding: through an integrated wheel loader (blade width approx. 2,000 mm)

Input material: Size approx. 30 mm, low percentage of longer material

UNTHA’s LR1000 wood shredder is in operation between six and eight hours daily. A special hopper makes it possible to feed the machine through the existing wheel loader. The material is removed via a conveyor screw and magnetic separator band. It extracts nails, screws and other metal pieces and ensures effective separation of these parts. Feuerstein can therefore process iron-free granules.

Benefits of the UNTHA LR1000 wood shredder

"When it comes to the selection of our machines, we have been relying on Hopfner's recommendations for decades. And we have always been satisfied with the results," said Thomas Feuerstein when asked why his company specifically chose UNTHA's LR1000 shredding solution.

Reliability, high performance and high safety standards are the main requirements. "Easy knife replacement, the ability to quickly change knife holders if they are damaged by foreign objects and the efficient shredding of various types of wood are clear advantages of the LR1000. The homogeneous granules it produces are also well suited for heating. This is an excellent way for us to meet our own energy needs," Feuerstein adds.

In joinery and carpentry company Feuerstein, employees and resources are valued and treated with respect, which is also the reason why the business has been awarded the title "family-friendly company" multiple times. Clearly, their machine selection follows the same principle.

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