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With more than 300 employees worldwide and 4 international subsidiaries, UNTHA is one of the most important manufacturers of shredding solutions. In addition to our long-term partners and the numerous satisfied customers, we also have a strong focus on our employees. After all, they are responsible for ensuring that UNTHA has been so successful for over 50 years.

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More than 40 million tons of electronic scrap is generated annually, and that number will continue to increase. UNTHA offers shredders sized to fit in most e-scrap lines, and our years of experience building four-shaft shredders means that you will get the longest lasting and most reliable shredder in the industry.

UNTHA’s low speed, high torque shredders are especially well suited for e-scrap shredding.

  • Their low speed and high torque enables tough materials to be shredded and greatly reduces the amount of fine particles generated.

  • Particle size can be optimized to your separation equipment to give you the purest possible material streams.

  • Our experience with material processors worldwide enables us to design the shredder to best support your and your customers’ needs.

While reuse, where possible, is the best use of used electronic devices and components, most products eventually become obsolete and need to be disposed of. While electronic scrap disposal regulations vary widely across North America, recycling is always the best approach. Our team can work with you to provide the best shredders for your specific situation.

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