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- Versatile feed hopper
- Effective cutting system
- Highly user- and maintenance-friendly
- Configurable fraction size
- Fail-safe power train concept

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1-shaft shredder for high performance requirements in material recycling

The CR class was developed especially for complicated shredding tasks. It is particularly hard-wearing and able to cope with even the toughest environments. The unit may be modified flexibly to fulfil individual customer requirements. The combination of a high-performance UNTHA direct drive and the highly effective CR cutting system ensures maximum throughput.

Highly versatile - a shredder tailored to your needs

The CR class may be configured to suit individual requirements, from the pre-shredding of plastics that are difficult to process all the way to the processing of post-consumer waste compressed in bales. Different versions of the cutting system and rated capacities as well as a range of technical options make the CR class suitable for universal use.

High performance - rely on the latest technologies

A sturdy drive system with powerful, high-torque motors, including a safety coupling, ensures high-performance shredding. The CR cutting system with its aggressive intake behaviour is highly effective and ensures high throughputs as well as consistent granulate quality.  This makes the CR one of the most productive as well as profitable shredders in its class.

Outstanding reliability - our shredders are almost indestructible

In addition to the fail-safe power train, the sturdy construction of the machine ensures that even high loads and forces do not cause any damage. And if things get really tough – for instance, when the material to be shredded contains larger metal pieces – the machine is stopped immediately thanks to the integrated safety coupling.  Any extraneous matter may then be removed speedily and easily via a discharge system, reducing downtimes to a minimum.

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The right cutting system for any requirement

Depending on the material and the desired size of the granulate, the CR class offers different cutting systems with a range of cutter sizes and designs. This means that fraction sizes from 20mm to 80mm may be achieved.


  • Plastic bales
  • Agricultural films
  • Production waste
  • Mixed rigid plastics
  • Plastic film
  • Waste wood etc.


A selection of the advantages of your industrial shredder for recycling materials

You can read about all advantages and additional options in our CR class brochure. Download at the bottom of this page or browse directly online.

Fail-safe power train concept

The reliable power train concept consists of a high-performance asynchronous motor, a low-maintenance coupling and a planetary gear that is integrated in the rotor.

The direct drive reduces wear and maintenance costs as it eliminates the need for a belt.

Configurable fraction size

Depending on individual customer requests, a range of perforated screens is available, ensuring a defined, homogeneous fraction size.

Effective cutting system

The CR cutting system always provides reliable material processing and a perfect shredding result in any of the available designs. Different cutter sizes guarantee a homogeneous particle size or higher throughputs.

The 4-way indexable inserts guarantee a high level of availability and are very easy to replace.

Versatile feed hopper

Available in two versions:

  • 3-sided hopper for loading with a frontend-loader.
  • 4-sided hopper for increased filling volumes and loading with material handlers, grabs or conveyors.