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- Energy-efficient
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Compact and reliable wood shredders for shredding small amounts of wood waste

We designed the LR520 to meet the requirements of smaller shops. This wood shredder is therefore especially compact, reliable, and very energy-efficient. The simple and low maintenance design and extremely small footprint (<1 m²) enable you to efficiently recycle your wood waste. The LR520 is well suited for companies that have a wood waste volume of up to 4 cu. yds. per week.

The wood shredder's reliability comes from its sturdy steel construction and its well proven technology. The LR520 draws in material without a ram   and therefore has very few moving parts. This keeps  maintenance costs to a minimum.  A gear damper cushions impacts  during the shredding process and ensures the machine's quiet operation. Additionally, the LR520 can detect foreign objects and its control system automatically shuts down the shredder,  preventing damage to the cutting system.

Energy efficiency plays a big role in the LR520. The proven cutting system can easily shred wood waste with only a 15 hp motor. When it idles for more than 3 minutes, the machine shuts down automatically, saving energy and reducing operating costs.

The 520 produces a high quality granulate suitable for use in wood chip heating systems or for briquetting.  UNTHA can also supply material handling equipment, metal separators, or pipe magnets that we can customize to your needs.

Take advantage of the 3-year* Carefree warranty when you buy an UNTHA wood shredder

We are confident in the reliability and quality of our products and are willing to prove it. In fact, we are the only manufacturer offering a three year warranty!

*or 2,000 hrs, whichever is reached first.

LR520 applications

  • Hard and soft wood
  • OSB
  • Chip boards
  • MDF
  • Veneer
  • Much, much, more.

Do you need a little more capacity? 
To the LR630

Single-shaft shredding system

The LR520 single-shaft shredding system does not need a hydraulic ram. The machine is designed such that the rotor pulls in the wood, reducing cost and complexity, and making this a particularly low maintenance system.

Test center

TIP: Test your material at the UNTHA test center Do you want to be 100% certain that you get the best UNTHA shredder for your application and material? No problem! We will be happy to help you test your material in our facilities under real-life conditions!

Test center


Shredding wood waste with nails or screws is no problem for our shredders. Pipe magnets are commonly used in extraction situations to separate metal pieces from the wood. We can offer you the right pipe magnet to fit your application.

Our wood shredders come standard with an extraction hood. You can easily connect your existing extraction system to the wood shredder and transport the granulate to the chippings and shavings silo.

Shaftless conveyor spirals are a cost-effective alternative to traditional conveyor screws. The flexible conveyor spirals come in various lengths and diameters. Our technicians will be happy to design a customised solution for your application.

Our wood shredders can be equipped with a discharge auger as well as a screw conveyor. Depending on your application, we will be happy to offer you the right solution in various lengths and inclines.