Your advantages at a glance
- Eliminate piles of unsightly pallets
- Recycle pallets into fuel or natural mulch
- Save on disposal costs
- Also shreds cardboard and other wood scrap

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Industrial pallet shredder

The PS1300 is a powerful, reliable, and compact wood pallet shredder designed to reduce your pallet scrap and minimize your disposal costs. It produces evenly sized wood chips that are ideal for fuel, natural mulch, or to increase the compaction rate in your dumpster. Whichever is your desired end goal the PS1300 will take care of it.

The shredder is powered by a 24 hp (18 kW) motor. Pallets are automatically pulled into the 52” (1324 mm) wide cutting chamber and shredded until the wood chips are small enough to pass through the screen. The PS1300 can shred up to 30 pallets an hour with a 1¼” screen. Nails and screws are no problem for our aggressive cutting system and can easily be separated by a magnet on your discharge conveyor.

Single-shaft shredding system

Single-shaft shredding systems can be almost universally used and are able to process a broad range of different materials. Depending on the model, they are equipped with a pusher system that drives the material against the rotor. Replaceable cutting inserts on the rotor shred the material, and an easily replaced screen controls the final particle size.