Multi-faceted single shaft shredder for customers who demand the highest performance from a machine

  • Ergonomically friendly hopper design

  • Highly effective cutting system

  • Completely user- and maintenance-friendly design

  • Customizable screen sizes available

  • Safest and most efficient rotor drive system available

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What separates the CR2000 shredder from the rest?
The CR2000
The CR2000
The specialist in recycling

We have developed the CR Shredder to meet a specific need that requires an extremely durable shredder in a lighter-duty package.  This unit still has all of the State-of-the-Art designs like the UNTHA Eco-Drive that you have come to expect from UNTHA.


Advantages of the CR2000

The CR2000 is an extremely versatile shredder to meet less demanding applications than the XR.  The unit can be configured to effectively pre-shred difficult plastic wastes or process pallets and other waste woods.  Different available rotor configuration and drive combinations make this unit incredibly flexible.  Additional features are available to correctly configure this shredder to multiple applications.

Our rugged Eco-Drive System can be powered by a single asynchronous 4-pole electric motor directly coupled to a gear box through a maintenance free clutch assembly.  The gear box is located inside the rotor eliminating the need for belt drives or stub shafts.  The direct drive system reduces wear and maintenance costs while still delivering guaranteed high throughput and consistently sized end product.  It might be smaller in size, but it delivers top of the line productivity and performance.  This combination makes the CR Shredder one of the most versatile, productive, and profitable single shaft shredders on the market today.


Legendary UNTHA performance in a compact design

The Model CR was designed with all of the advantages in the XR series of shredders geared to a less demanding waste stream.  If the unit is fed contaminated material out of its effective range of performance, it is designed to quickly shutdown to minimize the likelihood of damage because of un-shreddable materials being introduced into the rotor. Foreign objects are easily removed with the discharge system so you can get back to work safely and quickly.

Depending on the material being processed and the size end product required, the machine can be equipped with different cutter sizes and shapes.  Coupled with the correct screen configuration, the CR can produce end product sizes between 1” and 3-1/4” (25-80mm).  Plastic bales, hard plastics, agricultural films, rolled goods, production waste, and waste wood are some of the materials the CR can effectively process.  Talk with our technical specialists to find out the best configuration for your processing needs!

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Input material
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