Shredding wood waste from production

Many companies produce waste wood in their manufacturing process.  This residual wood is a highly sought after commodity for use as fuel or other end products. 

Regardless of the market you are trying to satisfy, we can configure our shredders to process the material to the exact end product your aftermarket requires.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our shredders for wood waste from production
Input materials

Input materials

Which types of residual timber can be shredded?
Off cuts

Shredding log butt ends or “off cuts” is a demanding application for a wood grinder.  The small pieces require an extremely robust machine to process the chunks because they explode on impact with the cutting tip. UNTHA shredders are specifically designed for this explosive impact.


characteristics and solutions

By producing a consistent sized end-product, residual timber can be a low-cost material to create a premium fuel product.  This material can be used in wood burners for heat production, as well as to produce steam for electric generation and biogas plants.

UNTHA offers several different machine designs with single or four-shaft shredders with different rotor lengths, diameters, and drive combinations.  Each unit can process this material to exact end product sizes to satisfy your end customer’s needs.

Whether it is a specific way to feed the shredding rotor or to convey the material away from the unit, each machine can be configured with the perfect options to enable it to perform above your expectations.  In addition, all the equipment purchased for wood processing applications come standard with a 3-year machine warranty.  Our years of experience and our application specific professionals can work with you on the entire project from conception to start-up to provide you with “one stop shopping” on your wood processing projects.


Decades of reliability and customer testimonials available!

With more than 2,000 satisfied wood processing customers worldwide, UNTHA can prove we have a machine capable of handling your specific need. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that our satisfied customers are willing to provide testimonials that their unit has performed exactly as advertised.  Where many companies are resistant to recommend a certain brand, we are lucky to have multiple customers who are so happy with their equipment that they welcome the chance to brag about their decision to buy UNTHA Shredding Equipment. 

Still need convincing?  Let us bring a unit to your facility and show you firsthand the UNTHA Advantage!

Additional applications

Additional applications

Discover our full range of applications

Pallets and wood packaging are an essential component in the transportation and storage of stackable goods as well as heavy and valuable objects.

Bulky waste

Bulky waste contains many different and valuable resources which can be liberated and separated from the waste with the proper shredding technology.

Bulky waste
Commercial & industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste is collected separately according to the respective components before being processed and reintroduced into the raw material cycle (recycling), or recovered for thermal recycling or for energetic utilisation (substitute fuels).

C&I waste
Pulper ropes

Pulper ropesaccumulate during the production of paper - or, more precisely, during the recycling of waste paper. Half of these so-called rejects generally consist of metal, which is why their processing is particularly arduous and challenging.

Pulper ropes
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