UNTHA Service Competence Center

UNTHA Service Competence Center

Reliability throughout the lifetime of your unit!

UNTHA shredders are used around the world and are valued for their longevity and reliability. But when there is a sudden stoppage or when unexpected challenges arise, our experts will ensure that help is quickly provided.


UNTHA Service Helpline

Prompt assistance for problems and questions

When you buy an UNTHA shredder, you enter a long-term partnership. Our experienced support engineers will support and accompany you throughout the product lifecycle. They know your shredders down to the smallest detail and will be your first point of contact for problems, service enquiries, deliveries of spare parts or other services.

To be able to process your order properly, we would ask you to please have the following information ready:

  • Serial number & machine type

  • Hours of operation

  • Serial number of components (if applicable)

  • Year of manufacture

Tel.: +1 603 601 2304

Competent support for effective solutions. You can reach our Technical After Sales Support at the manufacturer’s factory from anywhere in the world. We leverage our experience and solution-oriented approach to reliably provide you with the right solutions to your concerns as fast as possible.

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Patrick Rainer

Teamleader Technical Support

Product services

Product services

Various services for your product

Do you need a spare part for your shredder, or would you like to modernise your machine without having to buy a new one? Whatever you need for your shredding machine, our services will have you covered.

Change of cutting units, change or rotation of indexable cutting inserts

Professionally carried out by our experts

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Reconditioning service

Mint cutting unit at cost-effective conditions

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Reduced wear costs with increased service life

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Exchange service for components

Refurbished core components on favorable terms

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Modernisation and optimisation

Upgrade from existing machines

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Return of old machines

Minimal effort and attractive conditions

Mínimo esfuerzo y condiciones atractivas

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Commissioning services

Commissioning services

For a smooth start

We support you in advance and during commissioning to ensure that you start off on the right foot with your new shredder. Our service experts are on hand whenever you need them.

Installation and set-up

Smooth start of your system from the beginning

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User training

Qualified training for your operating personnel by our experts

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UNTHA carefree packages

Because failure safety is the most important

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Services during operation

Services during operation

Everything you need for maintaining productivity

We offer you a wide range of services to increase reliability through regular checks, to minimise unplanned downtimes and to be available quickly if necessary.


Condition monitoring tool for your UNTHA shredders

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Remote Service

Quick assistance quite easily via remote maintenance

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Regular checks prevent unplanned machine downtime

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Proper maintenance ensures a long machine life

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Supervisory operations

Efficient plant optimization by UNTHA experts on site

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Repair and upkeep

Fast and competent problem solving

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We are there for you and the product you purchase – from commissioning onwards for the entire life of the machine. Leveraging its wide range of services, the UNTHA After Sales Service takes care of all your concerns and is there to help and advise you.

Stefan Irrnberger

Head of After Sales Service

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