Your reliable shredder for plastic materials

  • Mature technology

  • Reliable, long service life

  • Low maintenance

  • Flexible utilization

LRK1000 Hero
What separates the LRK700, LRK1000 and LRK1400 shredders from the rest?
  • Rated capacity of the rotor: 25 hp | 18.5 kW

  • Feed opening: 27.6" 41.3" | x 700 x 1.050 mm

  • Fraction sizes (based on the screen): 0.6" - 1.6" | 15 - 40 mm

  • Rated capacity of the rotor: 29 / 40 / 2 x 29.5 hp | 22 / 30 / 2 x 22 kW

  • Feed opening: 39.4" x 41.3" | 1.000 x 1.050 mm

  • Fraction sizes (based on the screen): 0.6" - 1.6" | 15 - 40 mm

  • Rated capacity of the rotor: 40 / 59 / 2 x 40 hp | 30 / 44 / 2 x 30 kW

  • Feed opening: 55" x 41.3" | 1.400 x 1.050 mm

  • Fraction sizes (based on the screen): 0.6" - 1.6" | 15 - 40 mm

The LRK700/1000/1400
The LRK700/1000/1400
Reliable and robust

The reliable and sturdy LRK700, LRK1000, and LRK1400 plastic shredders are used in the plastic processing industry for regranulation, in-house recycling, and volume reduction. 

Like all UNTHA shredders, the LRK plastic shredders can be used as a stand-alone
solution or integrated into complex plants. High throughputs, high availability, and particle precision guarantee the high economic efficiency of these flexible single shaft shredders for the user.


Advantages of the LRK

The LRK shredder can be individually adapted to any plastic shredding tasks. Different drive capacities, different rotor shapes, an effective cutting system, and a powerful swing pusher all ensure a high throughput and perfect processing and economic shredding for any plastic materials. The low-wear pusher guarantees a long lifetime for the machine and low maintenance costs for recycling companies. 

The machine cutting units can be easily and quickly replaced, thereby reducing shredder downtimes to a minimum. The rugged swing pusher with its maintenance-free guide is moved by two hydraulic cylinders, which prevents jamming and further increases shredder availability.

We equip our plastic shredders with a rotor cooling system for materials with a low melting point. This makes them particularly effective regarding throughput performance.


Wide range of applications and decades of experience

The LRK shredders are mainly used for recycling dashboards, car interior panels, films, film rolls, cardboard, plastic barrels, PET bottles, plastic packaging, clumps, plastic pipes, waste bins, production waste, foams, car bumpers, textiles, fibers, and packaging material. 

Due to its 50 years of experience in shredding technology, UNTHA offers a particularly efficient solution for plastics recycling and processing post-consumer waste with the LRK class. Each UNTHA shredder for plastics is individually configured for the intended purpose and can be adapted to the recycling requirements placed upon it using additional accessories such as a discharge screw, a rotor cooling system, special mounted hoppers, and flexible control extensions.

Rely on our expertise in plastics recycling!

Everything from a single source

Depending on your requirements, we offer custom-made accessories for this shredder.

Pipe magnets

Shredding residual timber with nails or screws is no problem for our shredders. Pipe magnets are commonly used in extraction situations to separate metal pieces from the wood. We can offer you different pipe magnets depending on your application.

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