Industrial Shredders and Grinders

Welcome to UNTHA America, North America's leading provider of industrial shredders and grinders that will improve your efficiency and save you money.

  • Electronic scrap
World-renowned e-scrap shredders that, by design, ensure the safe, compliant and robust processing of electronic waste for profitable recycling.
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  • Waste to Energy/RDF
The most efficient Waste to Energy shredders for RDF production – turning trash into a valuable resource.
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  • Confidential documents
Our patented quad shredding technology ensures the secure destruction of personal documents, currency and more.
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  • Plastic recycling
A range of single and quad shaft shredders mean that whatever your plastic recycling requirements, we have the most efficient solution to your problem.
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  • Food waste
Turn food waste into a valuable resource with the help of UNTHA America’s robust quad shredders, specifically designed for the anaerobic digestion market.
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  • Hazardous waste
When handling corrosive and aggressive hazardous wastes, you are in safe hands with UNTHA America’s industrial shear shedders.
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  • Industrial Shredding Solutions

With the most comprehensive range of industrial shredders and grinders in North America, we can achieve high throughput, availability and profitability whatever your waste, scrap or recyclables.

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ewaste shredder

RS100 – high capacity quad shredder

  • High throughput
  • High torque, low speed
  • Configurable and consistent particle sizes
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shredder for plastic

VR - Plastic Shredder

  • High throughput
  • Outstanding uptime
  • Maintenance-free ram
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Waster Shredder

XR – RDF Shredder

  • Low operating costs
  • Unbeatable operational performance
  • Ease of maintenance
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  • Recent News
Watch out for our latest news, informative recycling updates, company announcements and new product developments, direct from UNTHA America’s newsroom.
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About UNTHA America

UNTHA America is fast becoming North America’s leading provider of industrial machinery for processing waste, scrap and recyclables. The extensive, world-renowned range of industrial shredders and industrial grinding technology promises customers the greatest quality, throughput and profitability on the market.

Bringing global engineering excellence to North America, the knowledgeable UNTHA America team is dedicated to delivering high quality shredding solutions that improve your efficiency and save you money. Your bottom line is our top priority.