The smartest way to shred electronic waste

Electronic scrap, consisting primarily of obsolete electronic and electrical devices, components, cables, and more is a rich source of reclaimable materials. These devices contain recyclable materials like steel, aluminum, and copper, as well as precious metals like gold and silver, and palladium.

UNTHA shredders are perfect for reducing electronic scrap to easily separated particles, an essential first step in the recycling process.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our electronic scrap shredders


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More than 40 million tons of electronic scrap is generated annually, and that number will continue to increase. UNTHA offers shredders sized to fit in most e-scrap lines, and our years of experience building four-shaft shredders means that you will get the longest lasting and most reliable shredder in the industry.

UNTHA’s low speed, high torque shredders are especially well suited for e-scrap shredding.

  • Their low speed and high torque enables tough materials to be shredded and greatly reduces the amount of fine particles generated.

  • Particle size can be optimized to your separation equipment to give you the purest possible material streams.

  • Our experience with material processors worldwide enables us to design the shredder to best support your and your customers’ needs.

While reuse, where possible, is the best use of used electronic devices and components, most products eventually become obsolete and need to be disposed of. While electronic scrap disposal regulations vary widely across North America, recycling is always the best approach. Our team can work with you to provide the best shredders for your specific situation.

Input materials

Input materials

Which types of electronics waste can be shredded?
Electronic scrap

Shredded electronic scrap is sorted into its various components by downstream separation technology to create streams of clean, saleable materials. Our e-scrap shredders are the best choice for creating well defined, easily separated particulate with little dust and fines.


Electronic scrap applications

When recycling electronics, the goal is to shred and separate the equipment into its base materials as completely as possible. Clean material brings the most profit, and UNTHA shear shredders are the first choice for making the best end- product with the lowest possible amount lost to dust and fine particles.

  • For shredding e-scrap and small appliances, UNTHA shredders can handle tough-to-shred products and create well liberated, easily separated granulate.

  • In the large appliance recycling industry, UNTHA shredders have a worldwide reputation for reliability and low operating costs.

  • PCB shredders and smelters worldwide rely on UNTHA shear shredders for their high efficiency, reliability and long life, and low operating costs. Low dust generation means more product for your customers, and the well-defined particulate is well suited for your customers’ needs.

Want to learn more? We are happy to look at your specific application and recommend the best shredder for your needs.

Additional applications

Additional applications

Discover our full range of applications
Hard drives

While there are many methods of destroying data, only a process that includes physical destruction of the storage media can provide maximum security.

Hard drives
Commercial & industrial waste

Commercial and industrial waste is collected separately according to the respective components before being processed and reintroduced into the raw material cycle (recycling), or recovered for thermal recycling or for energetic utilisation (substitute fuels).

C&I waste
Bulky waste

Bulky waste contains many different and valuable resources which can be liberated and separated from the waste with the proper shredding technology.

Bulky waste
Product destruction

Professional destruction and recycling of waste from manufacturing processes is carried out in the highly sensitive field of product destruction.

Product destruction
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