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Shredding metal

We offer powerful industrial metal shredders for metal recycling companies, the waste industry, and the metal-processing industry.

We help you to maximize the value of your scrap metal, increase density to reduce your transportation costs, and improve your recycling process.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our range of industrial metal shredders
Input materials

Input materials

What types of metals can be shredded?
Sheet metal waste

Shear shredders are ideal for shredding sheet metal scrap as it is a material that cuts cleanly. Whether for reducing shipping costs or preparing material for remelt, UNTHA shredders are built specifically for your needs.


Metal recycling
Benefits of using a scrap metal shredder

Most of the metals in our lives can be recycled and sent for reuse. To prepare the metals appropriately for recycling, a metal shredder is most often used and offers further benefits to companies.

  • Increased profitability: Industrial metal shredders can assist metal recycling companies in increasing the value of their scrap metal by reducing volume and improving metal quality. When selling the metal as scrap, this can result in higher prices. They also can help to increase the overall efficiency of the recycling process.

  • Volume reduction: Heavy-duty metal shredders can process large volumes of metal quickly and efficiently. By reducing the volume of metal that must be transported and processed, industrial metal shredders can help to reduce the environmental impact of metal waste. This can aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental effects associated with metal recycling. That can be especially useful for businesses that generate a lot of metal waste.

  • Improved safety: Because industrial metal shredders can shred metal into small pieces, the risk of injury from handling large, sharp, or heavy pieces of metal is reduced.


Heavy-duty metal shredders

Powerful metal shredders for recycling plants

UNTHA offers with the XR and ZR class, two high-torque, slow-speed shredders for processing scrap metal.

The XR waste shredder is well suited for shredding metal and scrap in a single-stage to a homogenous granulate size. The XR technology combines highly capable shredding with the lowest operating costs, making the XR shredder a powerful partner for metal recycling. The ability to fully process metal in a single-stage makes the XR efficient and economical to operate.

The ZR pre-shredder processes bulky NF metal scrap like Al-Cu coolers, mixed Al, Al profiles, Al wire, Al sheet metal blanks, Al-ISO profiles, and Al rims. This per-shredder produces a coarse material (90 % < 300 mm | 90 % < 12") for further downstream processing equipment (sorting plant). The ZR shredder is the most economical double-shaft shredder with the lowest life-cycle costing (LCC) in its class. 

Both heavy-duty metal shredders can be ordered as plant-based or as a mobile shredders. From shredding sheet steel to aluminum, to brass and copper, each material has its characteristics. Whatever your needs, we have the right metal recycling equipment for you.


Solutions for the metal-processing industry

Transforming metal waste into small pieces

The UNTHA four-shaft shredders are best for volume reduction when a well-defined and consistent granulate of less than 8" inches is needed. The rugged construction and long maintenance intervals make them particularly attractive for 24/7 operation and for improving your plant's productivity. Thanks to its compact design, UNTHA four-shaft shredders are easy to integrate into existing facilities.

Depending on the model chosen, the low-speed shredders are used to process the following materials:

  • Metal turning and chips

  • Steel barrels

  • Aluminum scrap

  • Sheet metal waste

  • Beverage cans

  • WEEE

  • Cables

  • Profiles

  • and much more

Additional applications

Additional applications

Discover our full range of applications
Electronic waste (WEEE)

Electronic scrap comprises old electrical and electronic devices, as well as components of these which can no longer be used.

Electronic waste
Files & data

The reliable destruction of information set down on paper (files, documents etc.) ensures that your sensitive and confidential data cannot get into the hands of third parties.

Files & data
Hard drives

While there are many methods of destroying data, only a process that includes physical destruction of the storage media can provide maximum security.

Hard drives

Scrap plastic can be recovered and reused by shredding, washing, and final size reduction to produce material suitable for recycling, reuse, or alternative fuel.

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