Shredding metal

Metal shredding is a necessary step in the recycling process, regardless of whether your scrap metal comes from the metal-processing industry, automotive industry, electronics recycling or the waste industry.

Whatever your needs, we have the right shredding system for your recyclable metals.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our metal shredders
Input materials

Input materials

What types of metals can be shredded?
Sheet metal waste

Shear shredders are ideal for shredding sheet metal scrap as it is a material that cuts cleanly. Whether for reducing shipping costs or preparing material for remelt, UNTHA shredders are built specifically for your needs.


Metal shredding
characteristics and challenges

Metals have historically been one of the most recycled products. Steel, aluminum, and other metals rely on a stream of high-quality recycled material for their feedstock to both reduce cost and tailor the characteristics of their final product.

From shredding sheet steel, to aluminum, to brass and copper, each material has its own characteristics and presents its own challenges. Some metals may shred well in a shear shredder while others may be better suited to a single shaft. UNTHA’s experience with these materials has enabled us to design and build shredders that are well suited for most metals’ unique characteristics.

Whether you are shredding to increase density to reduce shipping costs or to create consistent particles that are optimized for smelting, one of our metal shredders will probably fit the bill.


Metal shredding using the XR Shredder

Single-stage metal shredding

Either the stationary or the mobile XR shredder is well suited for shredding metal and scrap in a single-stage operation. The XR technology combines highly capable shredding with lowest operating costs, making the XR shredder a powerful partner for metal recycling. The ability to fully process metal in a single stage makes the XR especially efficient and economical to operate.

  • Increased bulk density reduces transportation costs

  • Consistent, well defined fraction is ideally suited for additional processing

  • Excellent liberation enables easy and complete separation, resulting in a purer final fraction

  • Simple, straightforward operation

  • Easy cleaning for fast changeover to different materials

  • UNTHA Eco Power Drive reduces power consumption, noise, and dust generation


Metal shredding in a four-shaft shredder

four-shaft metal shredder is best when well-defined and consistent granulate of less than 8" inches is needed.

Depending on the model chosen, the RS series of four-shaft shredders are used in the following applications:

  • Metal turning and chips

  • Shredding assemblies to liberate mixed materials

  • Shredding outdated and reject products to protect the integrity of your brand

  • Depackaging canned food products

Thanks to its compact design, UNTHA four-shaft shredders are easy to integrate into existing facilities.

Additional applications

Additional applications

Discover our full range of applications
Electronic waste (WEEE)

Electronic scrap comprises old electrical and electronic devices, as well as components of these which can no longer be used.

Electronic waste
Files & data

The reliable destruction of information set down on paper (files, documents etc.) ensures that your sensitive and confidential data cannot get into the hands of third parties.

Files & data
Hard drives

While there are many methods of destroying data, only a process that includes physical destruction of the storage media can provide maximum security.

Hard drives

Scrap plastic can be recovered and reused by shredding, washing, and final size reduction to produce material suitable for recycling, reuse, or alternative fuel.

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