High-volume hard disk shredder

Hard Drive Shredding

The hard drive shredder is a machine that physically destroys hard disks and other magnetic storage media, making the data they contain unrecoverable.

We provide an ideal solution for shredding hard drives to small, separate particles which meet the high-security standards of DIN 66399-2. With our low-speed cutting system, we reduce the risk of fire and lowers dust and noise emissions.


Tailormade single-step shredding solutions

Best hard drive shredding solutions

When choosing a shredding machine, numerous variables must be considered, including the type of media to be destroyed, the size and capacity of the shredder, and the level of security necessary for the destruction process.

It is critical to select a shredder that is appropriate for your unique demands as well as compliance with any data destruction rules that apply to your company and area.

Our four-shaft shredders can be configured for your specific needs:

  • Quickly interchangeable screens allow you to change particle size to suit varying customer security requirements.

  • At security level H-5 (approximately ¾”) up to150 drives/hr can be shredded.

  • Once a drive has been shredded it is virtually impossible to retrieve information from the media.

Since the hard disks are shredded into discrete separated particles, the various materials are easily separated for maximum recycling value.


HDD and SDD Shredders

UNTHA’s four-shaft shredders have been certified by DEKRA to meet the requirements of DIN 66399-2 for Destruction Systems for Files and Data Carriers. These low-speed, high-torque hard drive (HDD) shredders and solid-state drive (SSD) shredders are flexible enough to shred physical storage media in a single step. Unlike many hard drive shredders, we offer you a single shredder for most or all of your applications.

The easily changed screens are available in a wide range of sizes, allowing you to tailor your hard drive shredder to meet your customer’s specific requirements. The low-speed cutting system reduces the risk of fire and lowers dust and noise emissions. Our shredders are compact enough to be installed in a truck or trailer for on-site shredding.

Because of UNTHA’s commitment to continuous improvement, our hard drive shredders are tough, rugged, and suitable for long hours of high-capacity shredding.

How to physically destroy hard disks in seconds

How to physically destroy hard disks in seconds


Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our hard drive shredders
Additional applications

Additional applications

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