Battery shredding

Batteries are used in everything from flashlights to cars, from remote controls to computers and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. At UNTHA, our battery shredders can handle every kind of battery, from button cells to EV batteries and are the perfect fit to your battery shredding solution.

Batteries are an integral part of our daily life, from powering up our phones and other electronic devices, to supporting everything from computers to cars. Because of their wide range of uses, and their relatively short lifespans, a large amount of batteries are discarded every year. Adding to the problem is the fact that batteries contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals, so their safe disposition is essential. By recycling batteries, hazardous materials are kept out of our soil and water and valuable metals can be reclaimed.

UNTHA’s multi-purpose four-shaft shredders are ideal for battery shredding because they operate with low speed and high torque. This means less noise, less dust, and less vibration, which makes the machines more durable and more pleasant in your workplace. They are service-friendly and require little maintenance. Their compact design allows them to take up a smaller footprint when compared to other makes. Since they are gravity-fed, no hydraulic ram system is needed, which also reduces maintenance requirements. The compact RS40 is frequently the shredder of choice for battery destruction, but the powerful RS50/60/100 are also an option if customers are dealing with high volume.

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Recommended battery shredders


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power: 44 - 150 kW | 59 - 201 hp
Cutting chamber width: up to 1,500 mm | 59 in


RS30-40 Shredder
Power: 11 - 44 kW | up to 60 hp
Cutting chamber width: 450 / 750 / 1000 mm | 18 / 30 / 39 in