Shredding paper and cardboard

You can shred waste paper, cardboard, and rolls of paper with our shredders, improving the return on your paper recycling.

With so many options, we can optimize your shredder for your specific material, guaranteeing the best possible performance.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our paper & cardboard shredders
Input materials

Input materials

Which types of paper & cardboard can be shredded?
Waste paper

Waste paper is the most important raw material in the paper industry. Before it can be processed into new paper, however, any impurities and foreign objects need to be removed. Because of their long cutter life, low maintenance requirements, and ability to deal with foreign objects, our shredders are particularly well suited for this application.



characteristics and challenges

Since the paperless office is still somewhere in the future and print material like magazines, documents, etc. have not yet been eliminated, importance of paper recycling is still important.

As paper products are continually used, shredding materials for recycling has become more important.

  •  Not only is recycled paper the most economical raw material for manufacturing paper, but recycling paper and cardboard reduces the impact on our environment.

  • Shredded cardboard and paper can also become completely recyclable when they are used directly as packaging or used to manufacture new products.


The solution

Our four shaft paper and cardboard shredders are known for being reliable and impressing operators with their low maintenance requirements and compact footprint. Their low speed, high torque design also reduces dust generation and makes them more resistant to unshreddable contaminants. Our robust shredders can handle heavy contamination and tough materials with ease.

For higher capacity installations, our XR series of heavy-duty single shaft shredders are particularly well suited. The XR can handle entire bales or rolls and is also capable of shredding tough materials like ragger tail.

Additional applications

Additional applications

Discover our full range of applications
Files & data

The reliable destruction of information set down on paper (files, documents etc.) ensures that your sensitive and confidential data cannot get into the hands of third parties.

Files & data
Hard drives

While there are many methods of destroying data, only a process that includes physical destruction of the storage media can provide maximum security.

Hard drives
Residual waste

In 2019, almost 40 million tonnes of household waste were accumulated in Germany alone. This residential waste is collected and amongst other things sent for mechanical-biological waste treatment at the appropriate plants.

Residual waste
Residual wood

Wood as production waste accumulates in numerous companies, from carpentry businesses to the packaging industry. Through shredding, a secondary fuel can be generated for numerous applications.

Residual wood
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