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News Overview

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PR RS Launch
May 15th 2024
UNTHA unveils advanced generation four shaft shredder at IFAT
April 5th 2022
UNTHA America joins CDRA

The UNTHA America team headed to the CDRA World Forum last month, as 200 construction and demolition specialists gathered to discuss recycling innovations in the industry.

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News 2021
News 2021
October 27th 2021
UNTHA America joins CDRA

UNTHA America has joined the Construction & Demolition Recycling Association (CDRA), hot on the heels of the ZR pre-shredder launch in the United States.

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September 6th 2021
UNTHA unveils new ZR two shaft shredder

With the ZR class, UNTHA has developed the most cost-effective 2-shaft shredder with the lowest lifecycle costing (LCC) in its class. The high-performance pre-shredder comes with two cutting systems and is available as a stationary or mobile version.

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August 30th 2021
UNTHA shredder transforms manufacturing site in heart of Brooklyn

An UNTHA shredder is now in operation in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, as precision manufacturer Linda Tool gears up for further growth.

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June 30th 2021
Geocycle doubles co-processing capabilities with UNTHA shredder

Global waste management specialist Geocycle has doubled the capacity of its co-processing facility in Costa Rica, following the investment in an UNTHA waste shredder.

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April 11th 2021
UNTHA launches new website

UNTHA has revamped its online presence with a cutting-edge design for its website and added emphasis on user-friendliness and information content. The company has thus taken an important step towards user-focused content management.

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CR2000 web
February 10th 2021
The high-performance shredder for material recycling

UNTHA has developed a particularly powerful package for recycling plastics and for shredding residual wood. The shredder of the CR class is resilient and ideal for difficult requirements and extreme conditions.

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LR700 Rohrmoser Web
January 20th 2021
Energy from waste wood

The company Rohrmoser, based in Salzburg, appreciates the quality of the UNTHA LR700 shredder. Waste wood from the company’s production as well as building sites is processed by the compact shredder into high-grade fuel for a wood-chip heating system.

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January 31st 2021
RS50 for the shredding of conductor boards

Morphosis, a French company, has been processing electronic scrap since 2008. Since December 2020, the company has been using an RS50 shredder from Austrian premium manufacturer UNTHA for the efficient shredding of conductor boards.

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News 2020
News 2020
November 23rd 2020
With UNTHA, Metran gets the best out of plastics compounds

Among other things, Metran Aufbereitungsges.m.b.H. in Kematen an der Ybbs/Lower Austria specialises in the processing of rigid plastics, a fairly new waste collection category. In the XR3000C shredder by UNTHA, the company has found the perfect solution for single-phase shredding.

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October 12th 2020
The extremely robust RC cutting system for the XR series

With the RC cutting system for the XR series, UNTHA has developed an innovative cutter geometry with improved infeed characteristics that enables a high throughput and a highly homogeneous output material.

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August 26th 2020
XR3000C mobil-e is in operation at Korn Recycling

Korn Recycling operates one of the world’s most advanced commercial waste sorting and alternative fuel processing plants in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. For more than two years, this specialist waste management plant has been using UNTHA’s XR3000C mobil-e for the recycling of residual wood and tyres.

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August 24th 2020
Klaus Timber is investing in the powerful LR1400

Klaus Timber a.s. is one of the largest manufacturers of wooden pallets in the Czech Republic. Following an expansion of its production, the company has invested in the wood shredder from UNTHA. The LR1400 is used to recycle the company’s residual solid wood.

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August 3rd 2020
LR1000 can cope even with large profiles of residual wood

Holzbau Gerstenmayer is a timber construction company based in Lower Austria. Business has grown steadily in recent years, as have the company’s residual wood volumes. For this reason, the company has invested in an LR1000 shredder by UNTHA shredding technology.

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July 26th 2020
UNTHA develops intelligent shredder monitoring tools

With UNTHA GENIUS, customers are given an innovative tool for monitoring the condition of their shredders on an ongoing basis. Using reliable sensor technology, this system processes all data in real time and sends decision support directly to a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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July 6th 2020
The high-performance professional when it comes to metal shredding

In the XR series, UNTHA has developed an energy-efficient, high-performance, wear-resistant and maintenance-friendly shredding system for a wide range of applications. An ideal area of use for the XR series is the single-phase shredding of metals.

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June 24th 2020
Otto-Rüdiger Schulze relies on quality by UNTHA

The waste management company based in Neuendorf near Berlin focuses on the preparation of alternative fuels, supplying more than 80,000 tonnes of them each year, mostly to the cement industry. The XR3000C shredder by UNTHA is a key partner in the company's day-to-day business.

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May 19th 2020
Ragg invests in mobile shredder to boost recycling across multiple sites

Recycling specialist Ragg GmbH has invested in a new mobile shredder from UNTHA, as the experienced waste management firm seeks to boost material throughput across its Austrian sites.

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January 12th 2020
Austrian metals recycling specialist invests in new UNTHA XR

UNTHA increasingly leverages the performance and efficiency of its XR series for material recycling. Numerous shredders of this series are already being used for this particular purpose. The latest example is Schaufler, based in Ybbs an der Donau, with the XR3000C.

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News 2019
News 2019
July 30th 2019
SPEEDMASTER opts for wood shredder LR1400

For SPEEDMASTER in Upper Austria first-class technical solutions and an intelligent machine pool are fundamentals for providing customized solutions in record time. When it comes to shredding chipboard panels, the LR1400 by UNTHA lives up to all the requirements.

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June 12th 2019
Mobile shredder transforms Crapper & Sons’ biomass operation

Long-standing waste management firm Crapper & Sons has further strengthened its resource agenda, having invested in a new shredding system to transform wood waste into a biomass fuel.

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May 27th 2019
Geocycle takes delivery of first waste shredder in Ecuador

Global shredding brand UNTHA has shipped its first waste shredder to Ecuador, as worldwide waste management firm Geocycle prepares to deliver new co-processing solutions for clients in the South American country.

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February 27th 2019
UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e replaces two-stage processing line at Stipits Entsorgung GmbH

Stipits, a full-range supplier based in Rechnitz, Burgenland, has opted for a mobile electromechanical shredding solution from UNTHA for the recycling of commercial and industrial waste. The decision was made for the XR3000C.

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News 2018
News 2018
December 3rd 2018
UNTHA’s latest engineering feat creates waves in Europe

The newest engineering development released by UNTHA Shredding Technology has started to take Europe by storm, with 10 units of sales recorded in less than six months.

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November 4th 2018
New energy-efficient wood shredders for Altola AG

The major Swiss waste management firm Altola AG, which provides economical and ecological waste disposal solutions, has opted for UNTHA’s XR3000C wood shredder. The technological excellence of the system and a tailored test option in the pre-sales phase were decisive factors in choosing UNTHA.

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August 5th 2018
UNTHA XR shredders aid closed loop recycled paper production

Two UNTHA XR shredders are now in operation for VPK Packaging Group in continental Europe, shredding pulped ropes as part of a closed loop paper production process.

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August 1st 2018
LR1400 wood shredder completes closed-loop materials management at EGGER

At the Wörgl site, the LR1400 wood shredder by UNTHA fulfils all the requirements for environmentally robust and efficient closed-loop materials management. The unit was installed in 2018 and is running to the customer's satisfaction.

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June 27th 2018
Energy efficient waste shredder for Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG, based in Feldkirchen, Graz has opted for a solution provided by UNTHA. The international waste disposal and recycling company is confident that the XR3000C will be fully able to meet its requirements.

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June 17th 2018
French SRF manufacturer boosts capacity with UNTHA shredder investment

Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) manufacturer Environnement 48 has increased the capacity of its waste processing facility in South West France, having invested in its second UNTHA shredder.

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