Shredding organic waste

Organic waste consists of any biodegradable waste produced by
households, gardens, agricultural, commercial, or industrial operations that can be
decomposed by micro-organisms, soil organisms, and enzymes.

Our shredders can process any waste in this category to a consistent end-product size, perfect for use in a biogas plant or other composting applications.

Find the right shredder

Find the right shredder

Our organic waste shredders

The ideal shredder for all applications

UNTHA Shredders effectively and efficiently process all organic wastes ranging from green waste to food waste to slaughterhouse waste.  Whether the material is uniformly sized, packaged, or loose, it all must a uniform end product size to start the fermentation process most effectively.

Our proven four shaft shredder design consistently produces an end product that can be used in a pumpable fermentation process.  Our robust machine construction and efficient cutting action can be customized to provide years of service in even the most demanding applications.

Input materials

Input materials

Which types of organic waste can be shredded?
Expired goods with and without packaging

Expired organic wastes are usually destroyed.  The UNTHA 4-shaft design effectively processes this material and a downstream separation system can easily remove the packaging.



characteristics and challenges

Here is a closer look at how to process Organic Wastes of all types most effectively.

Expired Goods are usually destroyed.

  • A shredder specifically designed for this use is required to execute this task efficiently and reliably.

  • The UNTHA four-shaft technology provides the ideal solution to separate the food waste from its packaging.

  • The downstream separation technology easily sorts the packaging and the food waste.

During organic waste processing from organic waste bins, it needs to be optimally processed for the fermentation process.

  • Our low-speed RS shredder is ideal for this type of shredding. It reliably and efficiently processes the organic waste, thereby guaranteeing a pumpable fermentation substrate.

  • The fermentation residues left after recycling organic waste are mainly used as fertilizer.

  • Waste from restaurants and catering companies is often used to produce biogas. 


Green or garden waste and slaughterhouse waste

To further process organic waste such as garden cuttings, plant, wood, branches, bushes, small trunks, or garden waste into soil, it needs to be shredded first.

  • We also offer machines for waste shredding solutions specifically designed for your application.

  • Woody components of green waste can be recycled for energy purposes, like fuel in biomass plants.

For slaughterhouse waste, slaughter by-products, and animal cadavers from poultry, pig and cattle farming, the requirement is to be able to process these organic substances into meat-and-bone-meal and fat.

  • Our waste shredders are characterized by their high performance and sturdy construction. They feature special seals and have no trouble processing hard bones.

  • We also offer additional equipment versions and adapt the shredder to your requirements.

Additional applications

Additional applications

Discover our full range of applications

Due to their varying material structure, mattresses are difficult to shred and/or recycle. Which is why they are often simply thrown away rather than being put to any further profitable use.


Scrap plastic can be recovered and reused by shredding, washing, and final size reduction to produce material suitable for recycling, reuse, or alternative fuel.

Paper & cardboard

You can shred waste paper, cardboard and also entire paper rolls using our shredders, and thus recycle them at a profit.

Paper & cardboard
Medical & hazardous waste

Medical and other hazardous waste consists of very different types of waste and requires special treatment on disposal due to the partially infectious and partially highly contaminated materials.

Medical & hazardous waste
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