HDD & SSD Drives

Tons of electronic scrap is discarded every day including Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid-State Drives (SSD) and too often sensitive data is left exposed if the digital storage media is not destroyed properly. Whether you are a corporate office looking for in-house data destruction or a secure shredding provider in need of a heavy-duty solution, with UNTHA you can rest assured that every piece of information is destroyed in compliance with HIPAA and other government regulations.

Powerfull hard drive shredding equipment

UNTHA’s heavy duty hard drive shredders are perfect for data destruction. These rugged four-shaft shredders operate with low speed and high torque. This means less noise, less dust, and less vibration, which makes the machines more durable and operator friendly. They are easy to service and require little maintenance. UNTHA’s compact design also allows them to take up a smaller footprint when compared to other makes and they are perfectly suited to fit inside a truck for any mobile or offsite shredding contracts.

Custom turnkey solution for safe secure shredding

UNTHA shredders are also versatile. A heavy-duty screen controls the particle size, allowing you to meet various security levels by simply changing the screen. With both standard and severe duty shredders available, UNTHA has a hard drive shredder to meet all your needs.

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Shredded and processed electronic scrap is sorted into its various components by downstream separation technology to recover valuable recyclable fractions. Our rotary shears are your first choice for a consistent processing of electronic scrap with little loss of fine particles. 

Data can often times be easily recovered even from a hard drive that has been wiped multiple time. A 100% destruction of this data can only be ensured by physically destroying the data carrier. We provide reliable hard drive shredders that shred HDD and SSD drives to NSA requirements.

Recommended hard drive shredder


RS30-40 Shredder
Power: 11 - 44 kW | up to 60 hp
Cutting chamber width: 450 / 750 / 1000 mm | 18 / 30 / 39 in