Shredding of pulper ropes | ragger  wire

Ragger wire

In addition to a homogenised granulate of your residual products, our customized shredding systems guarantee an optimal pre-product for further recycling or thermal utilisation in your plants.

Ragger wire or reject are secondary raw materials that are created when waste paper is recycled. The pulper ropes must not be landfilled due to their material composition and must therefore be recycled accordingly – in most cases through shredding and subsequent separation of metals, glass and stones, etc.

Our rotary shears or 2-shaft shredders together with our 4-shaft technology are very well suited for this application case. The advantage of the 4-shaft machines lies in the fact that the pre- and re-shredding occurs in one process step. 

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Recommended ragger wire shredders


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power [kW]: 44 - 150 | (up to 180 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: - 1.500 | (up to 59 in)


RS150 heavy duty industrial shredder  | UNTHA
Power [kW]: 180 - 312 | (up to 420 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1.500 | (59 in)


 Stationary waste shredder SRF RDF | XR3000
Power [kW]: 65 - 264 | (up to 360 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1.960/2.960 | (77/116 in)

XR mobil-e

Power [kW]: 113 - 264 | (up to 360 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 2.960 | (116 in)