Everything started with a request from a supermarket's merchant, who wanted to shred his wooden packing cases and cardboard boxes. Anton Unterwurzacher (UNTHA founder and shredding technology pioneer) responded by designing and constructing the world's first 4-shaft cutting system with perforated screen and was granted the first patent for this technology worldwide.

UNTHA's most important milestones:

1970 Anton Unterwurzacher establishes a small engineering firm in Kuchl near Salzburg, Austria. The company has five employees and initially focuses on a variety of engineering tasks.
1981 At the request of a local merchant, Anton Unterwurzacher starts designing a machine for shredding wooden packing cases and cardboard boxes. Simultaneously, he works on the design of an automatic incineration system.
1982 The first shredding machine is completed and delivered along with an automatic incineration system.
1983 Anton Unterwurzacher designs the first 4-shaft cutting system with perforated screen and is granted patent no. 319535 for this invention.
1984 Shredder RS30 is launched in the Austrian market. It is the world's first shredding machine with a 4-shaft cutting system and perforated screen produced in series.
1986 The company expands outside the Austrian market and starts building a distribution network in Europe and America.
1987 Additional RS series machines are launched.
1989 The company Anton Unterwurzacher Maschinenbau GmbH is established and the brand name UNTHA Shredders is introduced. At the same time, construction begins on the production facilities at the new location in Kuchl near Salzburg, Austria.
1991 The entire company of UNTHA Shredders moves to the new location.
1996 The S series is launched.
1997 The LR series is launched.
1998 UNTHA modernises and expands its development and construction division. The company establishes an in-house testing division.
2000 UNTHA opens the UNTHA Shredders Test Centre and builds additional storage and assembly facilities. 
2003 The XR series is launched.
2006 Opening of the new office building which houses the entire sales division. Simultaneously, the brand name UNTHA shredding technology is established and legally protected globally.
2007 Establishment of the subsidiary UNTHA America.
2008 Alois Kitzberger succeeds Anton Unterwurzbacher as CEO. At the same time, the TR series is launched.
2010 The UNTHA brand is repositioned. New brand core value: Reliability. The UNTHA Academy is established. At the same time, the well-known shredders RS30 and RS40 are relaunched together with the debut of the VR series. The company starts constructing a building addition. UNTHA shredding technology wins the Salzburg Economic Award for Best Innovation.
2011 UNTHA establishes the subsidiary UNTHA UK and launches the RS150.
2012 Grand opening of the new R&D centre. 
2013 The building addition to the Kuchl headquarters is completed. 
2014 Establishment of the subsidiary UNTHA Germany.
The XR series is launched.
2016 Product launch of the XR mobil-e - the world's first mobile shredder with electromechanical drive.
Product launch of the QR class - a one shaft shredder series for plastics, wood, files and data.
2017 Grand opening of the new service centre. 
2020 We are celebrating our 50th anniversary.