Industrial shredders: Reliable, powerful and versatility


The RS50/60/100 industrial shredders are powerful machines used to reduce the size of various materials for easier recycling and product destruction.

These four-shaft shredders are well-known in the industry for their high performance, versatility, and reliability. They can handle a wide range of difficult materials, including batteries, metals, aluminum profiles, and electronic waste down to a defined fraction size from 0.6" - 3.9" (15 to 100 mm).

  • For particularly difficult applications

  • Compact and rugged design

  • High availability and process stability

  • Low noise and dust emissions

RS50-60-100 Hero
What separates the RS50, RS60 and RS100 shredders from the rest?
  • Rated capacity: 59 / 67 / 80 hp | 44 / 50 / 60 kW

  • Feed opening: 29.5" / 39.4" / 48.4" x 27.5" | 750 / 1,000 / 1.230 x 700 mm

  • Fraction sizes (based on the screen): 0.6" - 1.6" | 15 - 40 mm

  • Rated capacity: 80 / 100 hp | 60 / 74 kW

  • Feed opening: 39.4" / 47.2" / 56.7" x 33.9" | 1,000 / 1.200 / 1.440 x 860 mm

  • Fraction sizes (based on the screen): 0.8" - 4" | 20 -100 mm

  • Rated capacity: 147 / 201 hp | 110 / 150 kW

  • Feed opening: 47.2" / 59" x 40" | 1.200 / 1.500 x 1.020 mm

  • Fraction sizes (based on the screen): 0.8" - 3.9" | 20 - 100 mm

The RS50/60/100
The RS50/60/100
Industrial shredders for tough applications

Top-quality recycling machines for the toughest applications and materials from Europe’s premier shear shredder manufacturer: The venerable RS50, RS60, and RS100 four-shaft shredders have proven themselves over the years to be tough and reliable partners in your business. Rugged UNTHA designed gear systems allow you to shred for long hours without a break and long maintenance intervals give you maximum uptime. The shredders’ low noise and dust levels make them easy to live with and their compact footprint makes it simple to fit them in to your existing layout.


Designed to increase your profitability

Advantages of the industrial shredders

These midsize shredders’ modular design enables UNTHA to configure your shredder to best suit your application. Multiple cutting lengths, cutter sizes, gear ratios, seals, and screens mean that you don’t have to compromise. The rugged construction and long maintenance intervals make the RS series particularly attractive for ‘round-the-clock operation and for improving your current plant's productivity.

As opposed to typical faster-turning single shaft shredders, the four-shaft shredder's lower tip speeds and more robust cutters can better handle foreign objects. If an unshreddable item gets into the shredder, the machine stops immediately, reducing the chance of damaging the shredder. The heavy-duty shredder is also able to reverse one shaft set at a time, helping it to chew through extra tough pieces.

The quick screen change system enables fast screen changes and cleaning, helping to maximize your productivity.


Customized to fit your shredding needs

These midsize four-shaft shredders are well suited for shredding electronic scrap, paper, medical waste, batteries, appliances, plastic, etc. The RS100 can also be configured to shred IBC containers and steel barrels.

Controls can be configured with VFD drives, heating and cooling, and controls for material handling equipment, allowing the shredder to control your entire line from a single PLC.

Hoppers and stands can be customized to fit with your existing material handling and separation equipment, and you can usually fit a larger industrial shredder into the space formerly occupied by a smaller shredder from a different brand.

Input material
Input material
Which materials can be shredded?

Everything from a single source

Depending on your requirements, we offer custom-made accessories for this shredder.

Conveyor technology

We are also happy to provide infeed and discharge conveyor belts. These will be optimally adapted to the on-site conditions and the desired throughput performance of the industrial shredder.

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