Biological waste

Organic waste

UNTHA shredders process biological and biogenic waste to generate an optimal material for utilization in a biogas plant or for disposal. The application ranges from food waste and expired goods including packaging, to slaughterhouse waste.

Non-homogeneous or large pieces of organic waste, as well as packaged goods, must be shredded to optimize it for fermentation. Our low-speed S-series two shaft shredders are ideally suited for this application. These machines ensure reliable processing and guarantee a pumpable substrate. UNTHA’s proprietary features, efficient cutting system, and sturdy construction give you reliability and long service life.

Non-homogeneous or organic waste in pieces including packaging must be shredded to prepare it optimally for fermentation. Our low-speed  are ideally suited for this application. These two-shaft shredders ensure reliable processing and guarantee a pumpable fermentation substrate. Thanks to the special equipment, efficient cutting unit and sturdy machine construction, these shredders are very reliable and have a long service life!

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Goods whose “best-by” date has passed are usually destroyed. A shredder that is specially designed for this application is required to do this efficiently and reliably. The UNTHA 4-shaft technology provides the ideal solution to separate foodstuffs from their packaging. The downstream separation technology then easily removes the packaging.

Organic waste needs to be shredded to best prepare it for fermentation. Our low-speed RS shredder is the ideal solution. It reliably and efficiently prepares the organic waste, thereby guaranteeing a pumpable fermentation substrate. 

Waste from restaurants and catering companies is often used for the production of bio-gas. UNTHA shredders have proven themselves in this application and are often used for this process. Our reliable shredders can be configured to meet your specific needs

Slaughterhouse waste, by-products, and animal carcasses of poultry, pig and cattle fattening are often processed to meat-and-bone meal and fat. Our sturdy shredders have special seals and have no trouble processing bones. We also offer additional equipment versions and are able to optimize the shredding machine to your requirements. 

Green waste is shredded in the first step of the humus production process. Our shredding machines easily deal with branches, bushes, small tree trunks, and garden waste. We offer shredding systems specifically designed for your application. 

Recommended organic waste shredders


RS30-40 Shredder
Power: 11 - 44 kW | up to 60 hp
Cutting chamber width: 450 / 750 / 1000 mm | 18 / 30 / 39 in


Shredder for organic waste  | S40
Power: 37 kW | up to 60
Cutting chamber width: 750 mm | 30 in