Product destruction

From designer purses to expired pharmaceuticals, satisfactory product destruction is key to protecting your company’s reputation. With UNTHA, you can rest assured that any defective, out-of-date, or branded merchandise will be competently destroyed.

No one wants valuable prototypes, product overruns, or items that might pose a safety or health risk to accidentally reach the marketplace or fall into the wrong hands. With UNTHA’s industrial shredders, your materials can be expertly destroyed inhouse. Shredding can be customized to meet your corporate and government regulations, and many destroyed products can be turned into material with considerable resale value.

UNTHA’s multi-purpose four-shaft shredders, the RS-Series are perfect for product destruction. They operate with low speed and high torque. This means less noise, less dust, and less vibration, which makes the machines more durable. They are service-friendly and require little maintenance. UNTHA’s compact design also allows them to take up a smaller footprint when compared to other makes. UNTHA’s reliable single-shaft shredders, the QR-Series are also and excellent choice for product destruction. Their robust universal cutting system is designed to efficiently shred various types of materials. An integrated maintenance-free ram assists in shredding especially bulky items and ensures the destruction of every single piece of your product.

As The Reliable Brand, UNTHA is all about customer service so clients may test their specific materials at our U.S. test center prior to purchasing. All shredders can be customized to meet the requirements of your product destruction needs.

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Goods seized by police and customs must be destroyed in a secure and reliable manner. Our 4-shaft shredder is a universal shredding machine that can easily handle many different materials.

Recommended product destruction shredders


RS50-100 Industrial shredder
Power: 44 - 150 kW | 59 - 201 hp
Cutting chamber width: up to 1,500 mm | 59 in


RS30-40 Shredder
Power: 11 - 44 kW | up to 60 hp
Cutting chamber width: 450 / 750 / 1000 mm | 18 / 30 / 39 in


Power: 7,5 kW | 12 hp
Cutting chamber width: 430 mm | 17 in