UNTHA heads up construction and demolition recycling event

The UNTHA America team headed to the CDRA World Forum last month, as 200 construction and demolition specialists gathered to discuss recycling innovations in the industry.

It was the first time the renowned event has taken place since before the pandemic, so this was a fantastic opportunity to put UNTHA’s own engineering advancements under the spotlight.

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As gold sponsor of the field trip, the team accompanied delegates for a tour of the LuckStone operation in Atlanta. With its own quarry and state of the art C&D recycling facility, the tour was a fantastic showcase of what the industry is capable of.

UNTHA’s sales manager Ed Donovan also delivered a Technology Forum presentation on the new two shaft pre-shredder ZR2400, which has already amassed a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic for its ability to handle difficult C&D materials with ease. The globally-acclaimed XR3000 waste shredder was also in the spotlight, giving CDRA members a comprehensive introduction into why UNTHA has joined the association and how UNTHA shredders can transform the throughputs, capabilities, efficiencies and profitability of C&D recycling and recovery facilities, across North America.

Three companies are already in detailed talks regarding their own waste handling requirements, so watch this space to hear how these projects develop.

Commenting on UNTHA’s role at the event, Ed said: “It’s fantastic to be out in the field again, talking to some of the industry’s most ambitious organizations. C&D waste is notoriously difficult to handle - not least because of its tough, varied, and often bulky content. But it is possible to process large volumes of such tricky materials, with heavy duty shredding technology which keeps its promises - in terms of capacity, uptime, fraction sizing, maintenance and energy consumption. The result - if you find the right machine - can be a very profitable and environmentally robust operation. We’re looking forward to playing an even greater part in the achievements of this industry.

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