The new UNTHA CR2000

The high-performance shredder for material recycling

UNTHA shredding technology headquartered in Kuchl bei Salzburg, Austria, has developed a particularly powerful package for recycling plastics and for shredding residual wood. The shredder of the new CR class is particularly resilient and ideal for difficult requirements and extreme conditions. The high-performance direct drive and the efficient cutting system stand for very high throughputs.

CR2000 Hero

The core of the CR2000 shredder is its electric drive system with the high-performance and high-torque UNTHA Power Drive, which ensures powerful shredding and a high level of energy efficiency at the same time. The unilateral drive is available with rated capacities from 75 to 132 kw. As there is no need for a belt, the direct drive also reduces wear and maintenance costs. In addition, the reliable power train concept comes with a maintenance-free coupling and with planetary gears integrated in the rotor. The powerful cutting system with its aggressive intake behaviour is highly effective and ensures high throughputs as well as consistent granulate quality, making the CR shredder one of the most productive and profitable plastics shredders on the market. As an additional benefit, larger volumes may also be processed thanks to the 2-metre rotor and the large feed opening of the hopper.

New cutting chamber

The CR2000 has the right cutting system for every requirement. Depending on the material and the desired granulate length, a range of cutter sizes and designs are available, ensuring a fraction size from 25 to 80 mm for the output material. Efficiency is further improved by the speedy exchange of the cutters and a high level of availability. The indexable inserts and the cutting bar may be reversed up to 4 times and cutters come in sizes of 40x40 and 60x60 mm. Depending on individual requirements, cutters with carbide plates for even higher levels of availability may also be used. Different cutter sizes guarantee a homogeneous granulate or higher throughputs. In each available design, the cutting system provides reliable material processing and a perfect shredding result, also aided thanks to the internal pusher system that ensures a continuous material feed and the improved processing of bulky materials and bales as well as a rotor speed of 56 -103 rpm, depending on the gear ratio.

Robust and resilient

In addition to the fail-safe power train, the sturdy construction of the machine ensures that even high loads and forces do not cause any damage. And if things get really tough – for instance, when the material to be shredded contains larger metal pieces – the machine is stopped immediately thanks to the integrated safety coupling. Any extraneous matter may then be removed speedily and easily via the hydraulic discharge system, reducing downtimes to a minimum.

Highly versatile

Depending on requirements and materials, the shredders of the CR class may be configured
on an individual basis and adapted to specific areas of application. Thanks to a range of cutting systems and rated capacities, the CR2000 is used both for the pre-shredding of plastics that are notoriously hard to shred, and for the processing of post-consumer waste compressed in bales. Areas of application include plastics bales and hard plastics, agricultural films and rolled goods. The CR2000 is also suitable for the efficient shredding of production waste from the timber industry, palettes, and residual wood.

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