UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e replaces two-stage processing line at Stipits Entsorgung GmbH

Stipits, a full-range supplier based in Rechnitz, Burgenland, has opted for a mobile electromechanical shredding solution from UNTHA for the recycling of commercial and industrial waste.


Stipits company: Focus on innovation and conservation of resources

The family-run business Stipits Entsorgung GmbH is a full-service provider of disposal, cleaning and recycling services for municipalities, private individuals and companies. The company, which was founded in 1970 and is now managed by the second generation, focuses on sustainability. Stipits was awarded the Austrian Climate Protection Prize and has received numerous environmental awards. In 2011 Stipits won the Energy Globe Award. This shows that innovative, sustainable solutions are important to the company, which also represents a strong economic factor in the region. The use of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly machines is the logical consequence of this environmentally conscious approach.

UNTHA XR3000 mobil-e

With the mobile shredding solution, the quality leader UNTHA shredding technology has launched a revolutionary concept for waste shredding on the market. On the one hand, XR3000 mobil-e provides the numerous benefits of an electromechanical drive and on the other hand the flexibility of a mobile solution. At the same time, the machine has a robust design and guarantees high material quality with homogeneous output quantities and high throughput rates. This also minimises operating costs. The XR3000 mobile-e can be configured and adapted to various customer requirements. It also impresses through its low maintenance requirements and low noise emissions.

Stipits' expectations regarding the new machine have been fulfilled

One field of operation of the Stipits disposal company is processing of commercial and industrial waste as calciner material to obtain a homogeneous grain size of less than 80 mm. Requirements were for an efficient, single-stage shredding solution that is suitable for the material flows to be processed and at the same time can be used flexibly at the site. So far, a diesel-driven primary crusher with a downstream granulator has been used for the work. The decisive factor in choosing the XR3000C mobil-e from UNTHA, in addition to a reference visit, were above all the remarkable results that were displayed during a test with a demonstration machine.

UNTHA's single-stage shredding solution also prevailed against its competitors due to its high throughput capacity of 20 t/h, which cut down operating times almost by half.

Meanwhile, the XR3000C mobil-e has completed the first 100 operating hours at Stipits. Technical Managing Director Niki Stipits is more than happy with his decision to rely on UNTHA: "Operating the machine is easy as ABC and the maintenance procedures are very well described", Stipits says in his capacity as engineer. For Stipits, UNTHA is a pleasant and competent partner from the initial enquiry through to ongoing service. Stipits comments: "You always know what you are dealing with and where you belong. They always have time for our concerns, we get information immediately and the spare parts are quickly available."

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