As a renowned manufacturer of reliable plastics shredders, we offer special machines for in-house recycling and for heavily contaminated post-consumer waste.

Due to its versatility and ease of processing, plastics are very versatile materials that are frequently used in industrial mass production. The waste plastic generated can be recycled through shredding, washing, and subsequent granulating, thus producing a reusable recycled material. Aside from recycling, plastic waste can be used for energy generation after shredding.

Our shredders were developed specifically for the processing of plastics. They deal effortlessly with all kinds of plastics, ranging from foils, lumps, profiles, fibres, ribbons, PET bottles and hollow parts to post-consumer and production waste. Thanks to a range of different cutting systems, rotor diameters and shapes as well as different blade sizes, the shredders are suitable for thermoplastics, duroplastics and elastomers and may be customised to suit your individual requirements.

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Textiles are amongst the toughest materials to shred, but UNTHA’s shear shredders are up to the task. Precision cutters and exacting tolerances enable our shredders to easily slice through fibrous material such as strapping, super sacks, fleece, rope, and textiles.

Plastic film waste comes in various types. Sometimes it is pre-sorted production waste and sometimes it is soiled, mixed post consumer waste. Every application requires the right shredder. We offer customized shredding systems that are designed to your requirements.

We offer plastic shredders with different cutting systems, drive capacities, and infeed dimensions to best fit your material. Regardless of whether it consists of PE, ABS, PP, PS or PA, our plastic grinders will process these materials efficiently and reliably.

Containers are a challenge for every plastic shredder because of their large volume. Thanks to our special dual pushers, our shredders reliably and efficiently shred any type of hollow bodies such as drums, tanks, canisters, bottles, pipes, or IBCs.

Shredding post-consumer waste poses a complex challenge and is only possible using the very best systems. We are known for implementing very powerful as well as extraordinarily reliable shredding systems for our customers.

As much as 15% of passenger cars are comprised of plastic and plastic composites. Large quantities of different plastics are accumulated during manufacturing as well as during end-of-life vehicle recycling. You can benefit from our expertise for shredding your production waste.

Recommended plastic shredders


RS30-40 Shredder
Power [kW]: 11 - 44 | (up to 60 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 450/750/1000 | (18/30/39 in)


Power [kW]: 45-55 | 60 - 74 (hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1400 | 55 (in)


QR class | Shredder for inhouse plastic recycling
Power [kW]: 55 - 150 | 74-200 (hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 1700 | 70 (in)


Power [kW]: 7,5 | (12 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]: 430 | (17 in)