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- Very sturdy and sophisticated cutting system
- High throughput performance with high availability
- Flexible drive system
- Low maintenance

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Reliable rotary shear shredder for difficult applications

Do not make the mistake of comparing the S120 to other two shaft shredders. It is one of the most innovative pre-shredders in its class. A sophisticated power distribution system ensures that the shredder can briefly apply up to 70% more force to a single tooth for extremely tough and variable materials, such as thick-walled metal pieces. Together with its high throughput, high availability and low maintenance requirements, this shredder guarantees an economically efficient recycling of your material.

The S120 is a rotary shear shredder that is often used as pre-shredder for difficult applications. Aside from its very rugged and sophisticated cutting system and flexible drive, the shredder is packs a lot of capability in a relatively small package. With four interconnected motors, the shredder can exert as much as 2 x 26,000 lb-ft. When needed, this torque is directed to the required tooth.

This rotary shear is characterized by particularly high availability. This machine has very low maintenance requirements thanks to its special bearing and gearbox seals, integrated Dynamic Cutter Protection System, and optional shaft ventilation system.

In the field, the S120 two shaft shredder is frequently paired with an UNTHA 4-shaft shredder to achieve a homogeneous, separable, and smaller final fraction.

The combination of both machines ensures high process stability and guarantees economically efficient operation.


S120 applications:

  • Metal sprues and housings
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Metal drums
  • Electronic scrap
  • Electrical devices
  • Household devices
  • Tires
  • Paper waste
  • and much more.

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Two-shaft shredding system

Two-shaft shredders are preferred for pre-shredding and to reduce volume without a defined particle size. The cutting system is configured such that the cutting discs can be quickly and easily replaced. A stripping system prevents material from wrapping around the cutting shafts. 

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TIP: Test your material at the UNTHA test center Do you want to be 100% certain that you get the best UNTHA shredder for your application and material? No problem! We will be happy to help you test your material in our facilities under real-life conditions!

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