On the road with Ed Donovan - March

USA, Mar 23, 2021

Last month, we kickstarted a new blog following our sales manager Ed Donovan on his travels across North America. While Covid-19 restrictions may mean he’s not been on the road as much as he’d have liked, the weeks have still been extremely busy for our resident waste and recycling expert.


How will the Planned Preventative Maintenance of waste machinery evolve in 2021?

USA, Mar 05, 2021

Planned Preventative Maintenance is nothing new. However, despite the benefits of a scheduled maintenance routine, this proactive approach to ensuring an asset or site’s upkeep, is still so often disregarded. But why, and how will PPM evolve in 2021? Gary Moore, UNTHA America’s director of global business development, shares his thoughts…


On the road with Ed Donovan

USA, Feb 17, 2021

His appointment was the talk of the waste and recycling industry back in the fall, however, sales manager Ed Donovan is no longer ‘the new guy’, but a very familiar face at UNTHA America ...


Will 2021 be the year we solve the mattress recycling problem?

USA, Feb 11, 2021

UNTHA America was interviewed by Recycling Product News recently, on the tricky topic of mattress recycling. If you missed the write up, featuring the thoughts and advice of our sales manager Ed Donovan, you can catch up, here…


Recycling stalwart joins UNTHA America

NH, Oct 19, 2020

Ed Donovan – a well-known name throughout North America’s waste and recycling industry – has joined industrial shredder specialist UNTHA America, as sales manager.


Defining shredder specifications for maximum margins

USA, Aug 20, 2020

Bernhard Martinz — UNTHA America's president — recently spoke to Recycling Today about how to build the perfect shredder specification for maximum margins. If you missed the article, you can catch up here...


UNTHA develops intelligent monitoring tools for its shredders

Austria, Jul 27, 2020

With UNTHA GENIUS, UNTHA is giving its customers an innovative tool for monitoring the condition of their shredders on an ongoing basis. Using reliable sensor technology, this intelligent monitoring system processes all data in real time, alerts users of deviations and sends decision support directly to a smartphone, tablet or PC. The principle behind it? Knowledge is power!


UNTHA America continues to headline waste events

Virtual, Jul 02, 2020

COVID-19 risked stopping many organizations in their tracks, particularly when it came to attending events, meeting new people and showcasing fresh technologies ...


Tires – a waste industry headache or newfound hero?

Hampton, NH, Jun 16, 2020

They’re still considered by many as a problematic waste stream that is economically unviable to process. But the changing commodity landscape and the advancement of technology means the resource potential of old tires can now really come to the fore. Gary Moore, tire shredding specialist at UNTHA America, elaborates…


UNTHA America prepares for waste shredder roadshow

Hampton, NH, May 20, 2020

A 38 ton UNTHA XR3000XC mobil-e has begun a 4,000 mile journey from Salzburg Austria to New York, as UNTHA America adds a second demo machine to its fleet.