From Waste to Energy

Kuchl, Aug 10, 2010

Austrian UNTHA Shredding Technology Delivers the Core Piece for Secondary Waste processing System in the UK.

British H W Martin Group invested more than £2 million into a new secondary waste management system to produce high-caloric secondary energy. The new waste management plant was successfully implemented by the Salzburg based UNTHA shredding technology in collaboration with the English recycling and waste plant manufacturer OKLM recycling technology.

The H W Martin Group took a pioneering step towards a greener environment with the conscious decision to invest into a new waste processing system for secondary waste treatment, to fall in line with England’s Waste Framework Directive and lead the way for a cleaner, greener environment in the UK. After an intensive trial phase the new waste management system is now successfully up and running.

The TR3200 secondary shredder, which was specifically designed to cater for alternative and secondary energy sources, is one of the most powerful shredding solutions on the market. In collaboration with the English OKLM recycling technology the Austrian UNTHA shredding technology delivered the technology for the brand-new secondary waste management system.

By use of UNTHA’s primary shredder XR2000s, in combination with the new secondary TR3200 shredder, the new secondary energy waste management plant is amongst the most powerful and economic within its field.

The communication between these two machines alone is unique. The secondary shredder controls the primary weight-controlled shredder, ensuring a continuous flow of material into the plant. With its innovative technical features, such as the Quick Change Cutting System, the unique protective system for unshreddables and an overall pioneering machine concept, it achieves very high volumes without hydraulic press feed. The innovative TR series fulfils highest requirements.

Mark Faulconbridge of HW Martin explains why he backed the selection of the UNTHA TR Series: “We considered a number of different shredders but were attracted by the cost efficiencies that the TR Series offers. We visited the UNTHA factory with OKLM and also a client site in Austria to see the shredder in action. We were very impressed by the quality of the machinery we saw there and the benefits that could be achieved at our new plant.”

“There are always a number of challenges when introducing new machinery into a new plant, especially when the timescales are tight but the installation team worked incredibly hard to hit our tight 6-week deadline. OKLM, UNTHA, Riverside and our internal team all pulled together and reacted quickly to ensure that the build programme was on schedule.” Mark Faulconbridge added.

UNTHA is an Austrian shredding specialist that supplies top quality primary and secondary shredders and is a leading supplier of intelligent and efficient solutions for secondary waste management.

Secondary TR3200 Shredder: Innovative, Reliable and Easy to Maintain

The TR series is a clever and economic solution for dealing with secondary and alternative waste management, often used within the cement industry. With a rotor diameter of 1100 millimetres and the innovative GRP protective covers, UNTHA revolutionised secondary shredding. The material is automatically pulled in by the rotor - a hydraulic press feed is not necessary – and is shredded against the cutting bars. The screen perforation size determines the final granule size.

Economic Work Processes through Quick Change Cutting System

A special feature of the TR3200 shredder is the Quick Change Cutting System, which makes extremely quick blade changing times in less than 1 hour possible. The processing availability of the TR shredder is then increased by approximately 10%, enabling an additional production of 4000 tons per year on the basis of a two shift operation.

TR3200 Shredder Features & Benefits at a Glance:

  • Quick Change Cutting System – higher processing availability
  • Unshreddable Protective System – drastic reduction of possible maintenance induced cost
  • Ergonomic design – simple and fast maintenance access
  • No hydraulic press feed necessary – saving energy, reducing wear, no contamination through surfacing material
  • Single unit tooth belt drive: dust resistant and energy saving
  • Compact built – taking very little space
  • Innovative energy saving drive system – reducing maintenance and interferences

Environmentally-friendly Secondary Waste Management in England

Austria and Germany have already proven 10 years ago, that with environmentally friendly waste management and recycling zero landfill emission is achievable. Thanks to the EU induced Waste Directives, England has committed to taking the step towards a greener, cleaner environment. “The use of secondary and alternative energy sources, especially for energy-intensive processes such as the cement production, is only one very important example when choosing to co

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