"Vive UNTHA!"

Kuchl, Feb 16, 2015

A German plant construction company working for a French client relies on Austrian expertise - there must be a good reason for that ...

The French company in question is the French branch of the Swiss cement producer Holcim, which is investing in a new processing plant to ensure sufficient supply of alternative fuels. The plant's core components comprise: An UNTHA pre- and post-shredder from the Salzburg region. The related plant components were supplied and installed by the German SUTCO Recycling Technik GmbH. Producing cement is a very energy-intensive task. Instead of fossil fuels, a growing number of producers are increasingly using high-calorific alternative fuels produced by processing waste. It goes without saying that as one of the world's largest cement producers Holcim also follows this sustainable trend by selecting its processing plants based first and foremost on quality and reliability. Philippe Barda, Holcim project manager, describes why the company decided to purchase UNTHA's XR2000S and TR32000 shredding solutions: "We noticed the newest UNTHA products at the 'Pollutec' trade fair. We wanted to find out more about the impressive technical features of these machines. We inspected a few related plants during a reference visit in the UK. Their quality and performance immediately convinced us."


Application profile and process

Input material: Industrial and commercial waste, production waste such as packaging materials, carpeting and foils - delivered loose or in pressed bales; infeed with sorting grapples

XR2000S: Shredding of infeed material to less than 100 mm

Throughput                      13 t/h

Separation of the pre-shredded material from heavy materials by way of various separation technologies (screens, ferrous and non-ferrous separators, air separators); conveyor belt transport of the remaining materials directly to the post-shredder

TR32000: Shredding to less than 30 mm

Throughput                      12 t/h

Storage and delivery of the completely processed alternative fuels to the cement producing plants

Two to three shifts per day, five days per week


Safety aspects play an important role in addition to performance and reliability. As a precaution against fire hazards, both shredding systems are equipped with ATEX Zone 22, meaning that the electric components are designed such that no sparks are created. The control cabinets and frequency converters are housed in two separate control cabinet containers. These measures ensure protection from dust and dirt and render the electric controls less failure-prone. Philippe Barda confirms that UNTHA not only delivers with respect to product quality, but also in terms of project support and service: "UNTHA was the right partner for us, from the construction stage to the acceptance stage. Moreover, we were very grateful for the support in French provided by Sales Manager Rémi Boilley from UNTHA's main office. Vive UNTHA!"

Tip! The entire Holcim system in action: (www.youtube.com/unthashredders

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