Mobile shredder to take center stage at IFAT 2016

Kuchl, Mar 18, 2016

Visitors to IFAT 2016 will have an unrivalled opportunity to see the world’s first electrically-driven mobile shredder in action.


SRF plant now operational in South West France

Kuchl, Mar 14, 2016

Commissioning of a new waste processing plant in Mende, South West France is now complete. Following almost two years of planning, design, engineering and construction, Environnement 48 began shredding Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste to produce a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), this month.


XR shredder achieves global sales

Kuchl, Feb 22, 2016

UNTHA’s new XR mobil-e has dominated the headlines in recent months. But whilst all eyes may have been on this latest waste shredding innovation, the highly-acclaimed static XR has also achieved significant global success.


UNTHA staff spotlight - Daniel Wresnik

Kuchl, Feb 16, 2016

Sales and business development manager Daniel Wresnik provides an insight into his international work with the waste industry, and his love for exotic cuisine!

XR mobil-e | The world's first mobile waste shredder with electromechanical drive

Austrian innovation takes waste shredding solution mobile

Kuchl, Jan 27, 2016

Globally renowned engineering specialist UNTHA has launched the world’s first electrically-driven mobile shredder following extensive successful trials across Europe.


Footwear to Energy

Kuchl, Jan 19, 2016

In developing countries within South East Asia, ever-depleting landfill space, fast-growing populations and an increasing need for more concrete to build, are just some of the factors that make for a compelling alternative fuel production argument.


New UNTHA website

Kuchl, Dec 21, 2015

Modern, user-friendly, informative: The new UNTHA shredding technology website has gone online!


New shredding operation boosts SRF production capabilities in South Korea

Boroughbridge, Dec 07, 2015

A new Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) production facility is now fully operational in Wonju city, South Korea, thanks to the expertise of global shredding firm UNTHA and local partner PERITUS.


UNTHA - Successfully ISO 9001-certified

Kuchl, Nov 13, 2015

UNTHA shredding technology is now ISO-9001 certified. This international standard attests to the fact that all processes in the company are constantly monitored and thus are subject to continuous improvement.


UNTHA shredders demonstrate 88,000 hours of reliability

Kuchl, Sep 02, 2015

Reliable solutions tend to be the most cost-effective over the long run. UNTHA shredding solutions – still going strong even after five years in operation and 88,000 operating hours.